PPC Management for Local Businesses

Google Ad Options to Get You Started at Low Cost

Local campaigns to drive visitors to your premises. Best used for businesses with a shop or showroom.

Lead generation campaigns to drive traffic to your website to capture leads.

Carpenter at work as an example of someone who could use PPC management for small businesses
Scaffolding business that uses ppc campaigns

Google ads can be inaccessible for small businesses.


  • Management fees are often too high for the budget.
  • Companies offering low cost PPC use cheap smart bidding with poor results. 
  • Business owners don’t have the time to learn Google Ads.
  • Websites are often not suitable as landing pages.
  • Using Google Ads without knowing what you are doing can have expensive consequences.
Graph showing customer starting at a low budget and growing over 4 months.

The Benefit of Google Ads?

Google is one of the most effective ways to reach new customers. They enable you to be found when your customers are looking for your products and services.

It can be difficult for new businesses to get started. Many think that they can’t afford to invest in marketing or are scared of spending money with no guarantee of a return. That’s why we get you started with low cost campaigns.

When you get your google ads campaigns right, you have a measurable resource that you can use to scale your business. You can grow your customer base, increase sales and grow your profits.

Google ads are an excellent way to build brand awareness and for searchers to see you as a company that has some stature. The natural thought is that if you are on the first page of Google, you must be good.

Real Case Study.

The image shown here is from the Google ads interface of an existing customer. We started in July with a budget of £7 per day to test the market. That success has led to growing the budget to £6,000 per month – with confidence.

Speech Marks

The best thing about this is that we can go into the new year with a formula. We know exactly how many website visitors we need to meet our targets and we know how to get them. We’ve never been able to predict our business with accuracy before.

Get started with google ads page

What Do You Need to Get Started With Google Ads?

Google ads help you drive traffic to your website. Once there, they need to be engaged enough to take action and make an appointment with you. Ultimately, your ads need to result in a sale as often as possible. We need to be able to monitor those actions which we do through Google Tag Manager.

We’ll get those set up properly for you. If your website is not up to standard or you don’t have access to it, we can provide a landing page at a cost of £99 per page. You can use this page for as long as you like for no additional charge.

You will need a Google Ads account which we will need access to. We’ll talk you through all of this. Worse case scenario is that we run your ads from our own platform. We prefer you to set up on your own because then you have access to the data which can be invaluable.

Google Campaigns

There are several types of Google campaigns that you can use depending on the type of action you want your customer to take.

To get you started, we either focus on visitors to your premises or visitors to your website.

We have a set process for starter campaigns which is how we are able to keep the price low.

If you’re ready for a more complex campaign with a higher budget, contact us.

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Our fee is separate from Google Ad fees. Normally, you would have your own account. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad. New advertisers are always offered vouchers that are redeemable when you have spent a set amount. We’ll source the best voucher for you available at the time.