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Frequently asked questions about courses and membership.


Please get in touch if you have any other questions.


What if I can't complete lessons quickly.

You can take your time. The action plans ensure that if you are completing them, you know that you are staying on top of pro-active marketing but everyone is different. You can do more or less. It’s up to you and what’s right for your business. Everything stays available so you can go back at any time.

I'm concerned about going out of business. Is it worth it?

It’s harsh but you have two choices in this situation. You either do everything you can to fight for your business, or you allow the fear to paralyse you. From our point of view, we do not hold anybody with contracts. You can leave any month or pause. We’re here to support so let us know if we can help.

What if it doesn't work?

It does work. If you follow the guides and implement them, you will make more sales. You have 14 days to look around the course and if you decide it’s not for you, you will be fully refunded without question.

I'm worried that this might be too technical for me.

This is really not technical. Everything has step by step guides and mostly on video. For some people, technology is frightening just because it’s unknown. You might be surprised how easy is it is – once you know how.

Do you supply training just on sales closing techniques?

The short answer is no. We believe that there is too much emphasis on closing hard based on discounts to compensate for poor sales techniques. We only train on closing once all of the other aspects are in place. When you provide excellent customer experience, closing is easy. Otherwise, it’s like icing a cake that’s not baked.

Do you do onsite training?

At the moment, we have suspended onsite training. We used to do Quick Start training days but we are unlikely to do these again this year. We’ll review next year.

Can I share this with my staff?

The membership is for one user. If someone logs in on another computer, you will be logged out. There is no reason why you can’t allow an assistant to log in with your details when you’re not using it. Make sure you are not giving them your password to all of your accounts if you use the same one for everything. 

I'm fed up with social media. It doesn't work.

We take a different view because we understand your business. We will not be telling you what most social media training advises because you’re right. The popular way doesn’t work for small business. We focus on the strategies that work for your business.

Is the whole course available immediately?

You will have several courses available as you as you start. Training is designed for people to learn and implement while working. There is a very good reason for this which enhances your learning. You’ve all read books and been on courses and barely implemented a single concept. This is designed in a manageable way with plenty of content in the first weeks to get you improving immediately, plus evergreen content available to supplement your courses.

My website was built by an agency and I don't have access to it.

There is a lot to benefit from in the membership that doesn’t require access to the website. However, SEO is important and the ability to add content, particularly in the form of blog posts can really help your marketing. If your agency won’t or can’t help you do that, get in touch and we’ll try to help.

I use an agency. Why would I use this?

If you have your marketing covered successfully, then this may not be for you. Is your agency bringing you enough new business? The benefit of doing it yourself is that you have control and you are unlimited. Can you afford to pay the agency to cover everything you want to do? This does give you a very good insight to understanding what you are paying for and it may be that you can take some of the easier tasks inhouse and use your budget to pay them for the more complex aspects.

How often do you update information?

Anything that is time sensitive will be updated immediately. New content is added every month and you will be notified by email when it is uploaded. We hope that this is a resource that you will refer to daily and we are happy to receive suggestions.

What if I can't attend live sessions?

All live sessions will be recorded on video and audio so you can catch up in your own time. If you have specific questions you can email them ahead of time.

I need to make changes to my website. Can you help with this?

We cover the aspects related to marketing which is mostly content. If you need to change the tecnical aspects of your website, you will need to contact your designer. What we show you is based on WordPress and on page SEO.

I like the look of this but I don't sell home improvements. Can I join anyway?

Unfortunately not. This membership is specifically for businesses who supply products or services to homeowners for the home. All of the talk and examples is relevant to this market and we don’t want to dilute that. We check our members to maintain the credibility of the membership.

How do I contact you?

As soon as you join, your welcome email will include a phone number to reach us. If you wish to speak to someone in the meantime, send an email and we will call you back within two hours.