Are You Making the Most of Sales Opportunities?

How do so many unskilled salespeople manage to make a living in home improvement sales?

The answer to that is simple – there’s enough ‘low hanging fruit’ out there for them to get by. It is possible to come from the induction course, retaining very little of the information that was given to them and go out and score an order from the first call.

What is ‘low hanging fruit’?

Imagine you have an apple tree in your back garden. You go to pick an apple and there are a few hanging within reach. There are nicer ones a bit higher up but you’d have to go back in to get a chair to stand on. There’s some really fat, juicy looking apples at the top but that requires going to the garage, moving all the boxes and dragging the ladder out. Chances are you’ll take the quick win and settle for the smaller apple.

In customer terms, the ‘low hanging fruit’ is the customer that is easy to sell to. They are the ones that do not ask too many questions and require very little from the salesperson.

Typically these might be:

  • Previous Customers.
  • Busy people who are not too emotionally invested in their purchase.
  • A small purchase that needs to come in at a budget that you meet.
  • Referrals from happy customers.
  • Buyers that have believed the marketing material and think they have to sign up now or they’ll miss out.
  • Introverts that would rather get the job done than suffer another sales person.
  • Customers with urgency.

All salespeople get a few of these. Out of ten appointments, three are likely to be ‘the low hanging fruit’ variety and sometimes the orders are a decent size. A salesperson can survive on the low hanging fruit especially if he/she has come from a low income previous job.

The worst thing that can happen to a new salesperson is to get lucky with a couple of these in the first week. This sets a dangerous belief that the sales person is good enough and will thereafter not seek to improve.

If you are converting at a low rate; around or under half of what the top sales people are converting at, I guarantee that you are surviving on ‘low hanging fruit’. It’s time to get honest with yourself about what is really happening in your calls.

The good news is that there is nothing special about the higher converters. They are just more prepared to ‘get the ladder out’ than you are.

When you put the customer first, you cut out 90% of the competition. Do more than anyone else.